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Starilov Yuri Nikolaevich, doctor of legal sciences, professor, Voronezh State University (editor in chief);

Professor Y.N. Starilov is a famous scientist in the field of administrative law and  administrative process

Degree: Doctor of legal sciences (awarded by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation September 20, 1996 number 40D / 22, DK diploma number 005897, specialty 12.00.02. - Constitutional law, public administration, administrative law, municipal law).

Academic title: Professor of the Sub- department of Constitutional and Administrative Law (assigned to decision of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation dated November 18, 1998 № 447-p / 1, a certificate number PR  №004050).

Position: Dean of the Law Faculty, chairman of the sub- department of Administrative and Municipal Law.
Y.N. Starilov is awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation." By the  Presidential Decree  № 489 of 12 April 2008

From 2004 to 2014 Professor Y.N.Starilov worked as a member of the Expert Council of the Law at the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC Russia) of Ministry of Education and Science.

Professor Y.N. Starilovis elected in 2005 academician of the Eurasian Academy of Administrative Sciences.

Starilov Y.N is a member of three dissertation councils: the Dissertation Council D 212.123.05, created on the basis of VPO "Moscow State University of Law named  O.E. Kutafin"; Dissertation Council D 212.239.02, created on the basis of VPO "Saratov State Academy of Law", the dissertation council D 212.015.07, created on the basis of Belgorod State University.

Under his supervision were defended 60 candidate theses. Y.N. Starilov was scientific consultant in 7 doctoral dissertations.

Basic biographical information:
1963 – the year of birth;
1986 – ending the legal faculty of the Voronezh State University;
1989 – assigning a candidate of legal sciences;
1996 – assigning a doctor of legal sciences;
1998 – awarded the title of professor

The brief summary of the scientific activity: the basic areas of scientific activity are development problems of public law, comparative law, reform of the modern Russian administrative law, administrative and management processes, the public (state and municipal) services, legal acts of management, legal protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, formation administrative justice in Russia, organization and implementation of administrative proceedings.

Number of published works: 310 , 12 of them are monographs.