The publication of accepted manuscripts is free.

The journal «Proceedings of VSU. Series: Geography. Geoecology» publishes original research results in the forms of full-length articles (up to 20 pages and 6 figures), short “squibs” (up to 5 pages and 4 figures) and book reviews.

Published materials as well as materials submitted for publication in other journals will not be accepted.

The text of the manuscript should be concise, formatted and styled according to the requirements.

Authors should submit the following documents and materials to the Editorial board:

1) the text of the article, in accordance with the following requirements, signed by all authors, UDC, tables, figures and captions (in 2 copies);

2) article title, abstract, keywords, initials and surname of the author, place of work – in Russian and English languages (2 copies);

3) files of all submitted materials on electronic media or by e-mail edition;

4) Information about the authors: their position, academic degree, telephone number and e-mail (in Russian and English).

The articles are reviewed and in the case of a positive review – scientific and controlling editing.

The article, sent to the author for revision, must be returned in the revised form (2 copies.) together with its original version as soon as possible. By the revised manuscript the authors must attach a letter, containing answers to all the comments and explaining all the changes which are made in the article.


The manuscript should include:

The Editorial Board recommends authors to structure the submitted article, using subtitles: INTRODUCTION, EXPERIMENTAL, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS and REFERENCES


Manuscripts should be typed in Times New Roman Cyrillic, font size 14, each page numbered. Use A4 paper, standard margins. Formulas, figures and tables should be given a number. A brief title or caption should also be set above the body of the table.

All pages of the manuscript, including references, tables, figure captions, figures should be numbered.

Each table should have a thematic heading.

Equations, figures, tables and references are numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text.

Figures are supplied separately (2 copies.). Format of picture should provide clarity of all details. Inscriptions in the figures are given in Russian; dimension values on the coordinate axes are usually separated by commas (U, B; t, c). Caption should be self-sufficient, without appealing to the text. On the reverse side of the picture should indicate its number, name of the first author.

Grayscale images (used only when absolutely necessary) are provided on white glossy paper (2 copies.), photocopies are not accepted.

Link to the literature is given in the text of the figure in brackets. References cited in the tables or figure caption, it is given a serial number corresponding to the location of the material in the text. References to unpublished works are not allowed. References are made in accordance with the State Standard ГОСТ 7.1-2003 Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description, references are arranged in alphabetical order.

Greek letters in the text should be underlined in red pencil, the letters of the Latin cursive mark in the margin. To avoid errors, you need to clearly identify uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin, Russian and Greek alphabets having similar mark (C, C, K, k; P, P, O, O; S, s; U, u; V, V, etc. etc.), the letter I (i) and J (j), the letter I and the Roman unit I, as well as the Arabic numeral 1, the vertical bar | and bar in the indices (a1, a '), the Latin l (el) and e (not al). Capital letters are underlined in pencil bottom two lines, and lower – on top.

Chemical and mathematical formulas and symbols in the text should be written clearly. It is necessary to avoid bulky designations, using, for example, fractional exponents instead of roots and exp – for the exponential dependence. Chemicals should be numbered in Roman numerals, mathematical equations – Arabic. Decimal numbers are separated by a dot. Chemical formulas and nomenclature should be deprived of ambiguity.


The electronic version must include: a file, containing the text of the article and illustration, and files, containing illustrations. Manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman Cyr, 14 th pt, 1.5 spaced.

The inventory must be attached to a set of files (possibly in the form of a file) with the name and version of the word processor, file names, title of article, name and initials of the authors.

The main text of the article should be submitted in Microsoft Word format with the exact version of the word processor.

If graphic objects are used in the text as figures, they should be in one of the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, ВМР, CDR. Files, containing illustrations, should be presented in these formats. The article with illustrations, presented in a different format will not be published.

In the preparation of files in raster format use the following requirements: – for scanning line picture – 400 dpi (dots per inch); – for scanning halftone pictures and photographs – at least 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Graphic files should be named. Each file should contain a single picture. Tables are part of the text and should not be created as graphics.