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Editor-in-Chief: Endovitsky Dmitry Aleksandrovich, Doctor of Economics, professor (The Voronezh state university).

Faculty: Economics

Department: Labour Economic analysis and Audit

Academic degree: Doctor of Science (Economics)

Title and position: professor, rector

Field of science according to dr. sci. certificate: 08.00.12 – Accounting, statistics

Honorary titles and awards: medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for a cycle of works in economics; the winner of federal level in the All-Russian project "Professional Team of the Country" (2007); Honorable worker of the higher education of the Russian Federation (2012)

Academic qualifications:
1970 – born;
1993 – graduated from the faculty of economics, Voronezh State University;
1995 – defended Candidate of Science Thesis (VSU, Voronezh);
1999 – head of the department of the economic analysis and audit of VSU;
2000 – defended Doctor of Science Thesis (VZFEI, Moscow);
2000 – chairman of dissertation council on specialty 08.00.12;
2002 – awarded professorship;
2010 – election to a position of the rector of VSU

Brief description of scientific activity: the head of scientific researches of Voronezh State University in the "System of Accounting and Financial and Control and Analytical Ensuring of Business Processes Management, Investment Activity, Competitiveness and Corporate Relations of Economic Entities".

Number of the publication: more than 300 publications, including 20 monographs, textbooks and manuals

Number of doctors and candidates of science supervised: 50, doctors of science: 4

E-mail address: rector@vsu.ru

Phone: +7(473) 220-75-22

Web: https://twitter.com/endovitsky

Vice-Editor: Arzamastseva Lidiya Pavlovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, the associate professor (The Voronezh state university).